Ambit Energy has a proven path to success. Many of our Consultants have achieved levels of success that have completely changed their lives – and the lives of others.

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Alan Johnston

Executive Consultant   |   Tyler, TX

I’m a basketball coach in East Texas, but I’m also a father with two kids who are very involved in sports. I wanted to find some way to save up for their college education and still be able to coach, watch my kids’ activities and spend time with my wife. Then I found Ambit Energy.


Debbie Roy Atkinson

National Consultant   |   League City, TX

On a daily basis, I meet people that are struggling financially. I want to help them be successful in Ambit and earn additional income for their family. It really warms my heart when I know I am helping them financially and making a difference.


Adam & Michelle Carey

Executive Consultants   |   Grapevine, TX

(Michelle) My parents have been employees of the tourism industry for over 30 years, which means that every holiday is a mandatory work day for both of them. I was never able to spend Christmas day with them or have Thanksgiving dinner together because they always had to work.

Adam’s father, Chris, also has a very demanding work schedule. Both Adam and I know that we want the freedom to spend time with our family, especially in the future, when we start to have kids.


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Lane Winsett

Consultant Image

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